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To make new from old while remaining true to heritage is a delicate balance only achieved by the bold. Revitalising oyster culture and consumption in exciting ways, Chef Scott Pickett revitalises the romance of enjoying seafood, in exciting ways with his bold and creative approach to the Sydney Rock Oyster that encourages you to enjoy our oysters, your way.

Scott’s love of produce began at an early age having grown up on a farm in Kangarilla, South Australia, during this time he learned a lot about food and seasonality. Scott reflects that knowing the growers, producers and suppliers has heavily influenced his career choices as a chef and restaurateur. His approach always puts food at the forefront, based on authentic cooking and with great respect for the produce he uses. Scott’s philosophy celebrates incredible food and wine experiences, with Australian native ingredients at the centre.

The Chef Scott Pickett for East 33 collaboration pushes the boundaries of flavour when working with the very best produce. Scott shows us that oysters aren’t just about the fresh taste of Australian summer, they are enjoyed over fire and in ways you never conceived; combining flavours of pepperberry, verjus, lemon aspen, finger lime and desert lime.