149° series: Clyde River

 Based on the shores of the picturesque Clyde River is farmer Audrey Thors, one of the industries leading female oyster farmers. After her transition from corporate life to join the Sydney Rock Oyster farming community nearly 30 years ago, Audrey has built her business from the ground up and is one of the few females to take this venture on solo. Having spent several years on the Australian Aquaculture Council, with Award winning Sydney Rock Oysters, Audrey’s oysters encapsulate the unique merroir of the Clyde River and highlight the natural nuances of the Sydney Rock Oyster.

Audrey’s Sydney Rock Oysters are characterised by an initial sweetness, followed by a tang that bursts on the roof of the mouth with an oceanic finish that lingers on the palate. With particular attention to the oysters shape and growth Audrey’s oysters have a deep shell and a firm body meat, the oysters are grown for 3-4 years allowing for a mature depth of flavour.

2 Dozen Audrey Thors Oysters


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2 Dozen Clyde River Sydney Rock Oysters

Harvested in the Clyde River as part of our 149° Series, Audrey’s Sydney Rock Oysters known for their full meaty body and high meat to shell ratio accompanied by overall sweetness, and a saline finish these oysters are  grown in waters with a high salinity content which gives them a clean, salty and mineral finish on the palate.



Audrey Thors chart