Spring Series

Oyster shucking

Spring Series

Introducing the East 33 Spring Series, curated by us, to be enjoyed by you. Sourced from estuaries along the New South Wales Coastline, the Spring Series highlights the unique variation in Sydney Rock Oyster nuances, month to month, region to region. With longer days approaching, East 33 invites you to slow down and appreciate a moment with the finest produce from the Spring harvest. Thoughtfully sourced from the length of the New South Wales coastline, East 33 is pleased to offer three producers whose farms are in optimal condition over the Spring months. 

Curated to showcase the varied flavours from region to region and season to season, the Spring Series highlights the changing nuances that Sydney Rock Oysters are renowned for. Sourced from three unique locations along the New South Wales coastline, our experts have hand selected these regions by working with renowned local producers to create the East 33 Spring Series. 


East 33 is pleased to introduce from the 149° series, Shane Davis (Wonboyn), Brad Verdich from the 152° Series (Wallis Lake), and from our 154° series, Anthony Donohue (Nambucca). These farms offer the unique seasonal flavours of the Sydney Rock Oyster,  and showcase its excellence during the Spring months. 

Get to know our farmers here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfVy9aLy04uPeJbIOfKlR9w

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