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In collaboration with Australia’s Top Chefs; Chef Neil Perry AM; Chef Alex Prichard; Chef Victor Liong and Chef Scott Pickett, East 33 has created four exclusive vinaigrettes to bring the restaurant experience to your home. Experience the Sydney Rock Oyster like never before as these Chefs highlight our native produce. Explore a bold take on a lime pairing with Chef Neil Perry’s Desert Lime and Spring Onion Salsa, or capture the subtle sweet notes of the SRO with Alex Prichard’s Pink Peppercorn and Lemon Myrtle granita. Revisit  the streets of Asia, in the heart of Melbourne, encapsulated in Chef Victor Liong’s Ginger Vinaigrette, bringing a fusion of Cantonse cuisine to perfectly balance and enhance the brineiness of the Sydney Rock. Challenge traditional oyster conventions with Chef Scott Pickett, by poaching the oysters and pairing them with a native pepperberry and verjus mignonette. Be inspired to take our Chef Series and the explorations of Australia’s chefs and enjoy our oysters, your way.

*Available for a limited time.

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