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Each Sydney Rock Oyster captures the essence of the water and environment in which it grows and matures.

Characterised by a royal purple shell with intricate ripples, making the Sydney Rock Oyster (SRO) the most unique of all oysters. The Sydney Rock Oyster can only survive and thrive in the unspoiled coastline of New South Wales that stretches down the lower eastern seaboard of Australia, far from the blight of densely populated cities and polluted waterways. The Sydney Rock Oyster is nurtured over time and in pristine conditions to produce the rarest and most unique member of the oyster family.


At East 33, we source our Sydney Rock Oysters from the entire length of the NSW coastline to bring you the best of the season’s harvest. Like ‘terroir’ in wine, oysters take on a specific ‘merroir’, flavour properties unique to each oyster as a result of the waters they call home.

154° Series

The 154° Series covers the Northern collection covering Hastings River, Camden Haven and Nambucca. Defined by a sharp bite, SROs from the 154°Series are characterised by higher levels of umami, salinity and minerality. Featuring a dryer finish, this selection offers a deeply complex flavour profile that reaches peak seasonality from September to April.

152° Series

The 152° Series includes farms from the Central and Mid-North Coast of NSW; Wallis Lake, Manning River and Port Stephens. Sydney Rock Oysters from the 1520  Series are perhaps our most unique. Characterised by a creamy body, a lasting sweetness and subtle salinity, representative of their unique environment. Encapsulating the taste of Australian summer, oysters harvested from this series are most enjoyable from October to June.

149° Series

The 149° Series makes up our Southern region, namely Merimbula, Pamula and Wapengo. Characterised by rich flavours, oysters from the 149° Series offer a full, velvety bite with earthy notes and light minerality. Offering minimal oceanic notes, the 149° Series is optimal throughout the autumn and winter months.

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