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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my oysters last / How to store my oysters?

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Shucked Oysters

Once opened, Sydney Rock Oysters must be stored chilled between 0 and 4°C in an airtight, leakproof container. To prevent them from drying out, place moistened paper on top of and between layers of oysters. 

Sydney Rock Oysters once opened are best consumed as soon as practically possible to ensure the best experience. When properly cared for, Sydney Rock Oysters remain fit for consumption for two to four days. 

Unshucked Oysters 

As a living animal, ensuring the right conditions are maintained is essential to getting the most out of your Sydney Rock Oyster experience. Ideal conditions for the storage of live Sydney Rock Oysters are keeping them out of direct sunlight and between 8°C and 21°C. As they may release some of their natural liquids during storage, ensure the liquids do not cross-contaminate other foods or leak onto their surroundings. 

If properly cared for, unshucked Sydney Rock Oysters will stay in great condition for 8 days. 

What type of oysters does East 33 sell? 

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East 33 is the largest vertically integrated producer, distributor and wholesaler of Sydney Rock Oysters. While East 33 only grows Sydney Rock Oysters, we do purchase and distribute other oyster species.

Who can I speak to about a collaboration or event?

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For any marketing, collaboration, or event enquiries please contact us at

Do you offer wholesale oysters?

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East 33 does offer wholesale and retail options, please contact us at with your name, venue name and contact number.

Can I please request a media kit?

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For all media enquiries please contact us at with your request.

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