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Our most commonly asked questions

How does East 33 delivery work?

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East 33 allows you to experience restaurant quality at home. East 33 offers next day delivery with an electable date, with delivery 6 days of the week for Sydney metro residents. Simply select your pack, choose your delivery date and enjoy the finest Sydney Rock Oysters delivered to your door. Please note orders must be received before 2pm the day prior to delivery. 

What type of oysters do you sell?

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At East 33 we pride ourselves on serving the finest Sydney Rock Oysters.

When will my East 33 order arrive?

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East 33 prides ourselves on delivering excellence. At this stage East 33 offers delivery to Sydney metro clients 6 days a week between 8am and 6pm. If you would like an estimated time of arrival for your order, or any other additional support please contact

Can I please speak to someone?

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Our team will be happy to assist you, please reach out via email for the fastest response at

I would like to speak to someone about a marketing collaboration or event.

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For any marketing related events, activations or collaborations please email our team at

I would like to order wholesale oysters.

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For any wholesale interest for supply questions please reach out to our team at and they will be happy to direct your question to the right people.

My order says it will be delivered by Manettas, why is this?

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There is no cause for concern with this communication, East 33 has formed a partnership with Manettas to fulfil the delivery side of our order system. Please be rest assured that the products you receive are East 33 product. 

Should I order my oysters for the day of my event?

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East 33 current delivers between 8am and 6pm and does not currently offer selected time slots. If you require your delivery before this time we strongly advise ordering for delivery the day prior to your event to avoid any disappointment.

Can I order for my friend/ family?

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Absolutely! When ordering for a family member or friend, ensure to put their address and contact details under the “shipping” address and your own details for the “billing address”.

Do you offer gift cards?

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Unfortunately East 33 does not currently offer or have gift cards available for purchase. 

How long will my Shucked Sydney Rock Oysters last for?

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Shucked Oysters 

Once opened, Sydney Rock Oysters must be stored chilled between 0 and 4°C in an airtight, leakproof container. To prevent them from drying out, place moistened paper on top of and between layers of oysters.

Sydney Rock Oysters once opened are best consumed as soon as practically possible to ensure the best experience. When properly cared for, Sydney Rock Oysters remain fit for consumption for two to four days.

How long with my Unshucked Sydney Rock Oysters last for?

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Unshucked Oysters

As a living animal, ensuring the right conditions are maintained is essential to getting the most out of your Sydney Rock Oyster experience. Ideal conditions for the storage of live Sydney Rock Oysters are keeping them out of direct sunlight and between 8°C and 21°C. As they may release some of their natural liquids during storage, ensure the liquids do not cross-contaminate other foods or leak onto their surroundings.

If properly cared for, unshucked Sydney Rock Oysters will stay in great condition for 10 days.

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