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At East 33 we are dedicated to pioneering the world’s best oyster culture, by empowering the people behind it, caring for the places that support it, and delivering moments to be savoured. As one of Australia’s largest vertically integrated Sydney Rock Oyster producers and suppliers, East 33 unites marque fourth and fifth generation oyster farming families under a single premium banner, growing oysters that are a bold expression of the sun-kissed, pristine waters of the east coast of New South Wales.


Harnessing a century of quality, unparalleled scale, four generations of collective farming knowledge, access to the most treasured nurseries in the world, pioneering aquaculture technology, world-leading breeding programs, and a sophisticated corporate management model, East 33 is uniquely positioned to take the highest quality Australian produce to the world. Sydney Rock Oysters are indigenous, growing naturally, and have thrived for thousands of years on the east coast of Australia. We foster this natural process by committing to sustainable farming practices, safeguarding our pristine aquatic environments with stringent oversight and by engaging with industry-leading bodies that set and regulate quality standards.




A marriage of artistry, innovation and over 130 years of farming expertise.


An unfiltered expression of our pristine waters.


Custodians of an inspired legacy, with an eye on the promise of the future.


An invitation to savour a moment of inimitable joy.


Each Sydney Rock Oyster captures the essence of the water and environment in which it grows and matures. The Sydney Rock Oyster can only survive and thrive in the unspoiled coastline of New South Wales that stretches down the eastern seaboard of Australia, far from the blight of densely populated cities and polluted waterways. The Sydney Rock Oyster is nurtured over time and in pristine conditions to produce the rarest and most unique member of the oyster family. The result of this unique provenance is one of the rarest culinary pleasures in the world with each individual Sydney Rock Oyster producing moment of pleasure to savour.


The earliest chapters of oyster cultivation in Australia were written thousands of years ago, as indigenous communities tapped into a sustainable source of nutrition and pioneered many of the aquaculture techniques still employed by oyster farmers today.
In 1880 it was Thomas Holt who laid the foundations for the modern oyster industry, establishing cultivation beds in Botany Bay and creating ‘Oyster Leases’ as we know them today. One early pioneers of the industry was merchant banker Henry Woodward, who was granted the first leases in Wallis Lake – many of which today are managed by East 33 farmers. It was Woodward who introduced ‘oyster saloons’, bringing the Sydney Rock Oysters to a waiting Australian consumer eager to discover the delicacies of this new land.


As one of the largest vertically integrated Sydney Rock Oyster producers, East 33 is privileged with being able to source the finest Sydney Rock Oysters from the length of the New South Wales Coastline, year round.  In the same way that the great wines of regions such as Burgundy and Champagne reflect the ‘terroir’ of their natural environment, ‘merroir’ imparts unique and sophisticated characteristics on fine oysters, imparting a rich story of the waters they call home. It is these unique yet linked natural conditions that create three distinct “series” or styles of Sydney Rock Oyster. While these geographic groupings unite around a uniquely singular style, there remains significant diversity between farms and sub-regions, resulting in a never-ending and curious journey through taste and texture.


At East 33, we source our Sydney Rock Oysters from the entire length of the NSW coastline to bring you the best of the season’s harvest. Like ‘terroir’ in wine, oysters take on a specific ‘merroir’, flavour properties unique to each oyster as a result of the waters they call home.
Series map

154° Series

Presenting the 154° Series 

Located on the North Coast of New South Wales and positioned on the 154° longitude. 

This series is the expression of our most northern farms. Spanning from the Queensland Boarder down to the North Coast, the 154° series includes Nambucca, Macleay River and Camden Haven. Seasonality for these Northern farms generally span from October to March. 


152° Series

Meet our 152° Series 

The 152° Series is the spiritual home of East 33. Located on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales and positioned on the 152° longitude this series marks some of the most productive growing estuaries of Sydney Rock Oysters on the New South Wales coastline. 

Sydney Rock Oysters grown in this region are pulled from sun-kissed waterways and have been since circa 1884 making it one of our oldest Sydney Rock Oyster farming regions. 

Spanning from the North Coast, down to Sydney, the 152° Series encompasses Wallis Lake, Port Stephens and Manning River. Seasonality in this region generally peaks between September – May


149° Series

Introducing the 149° Series  

Positioned on the 149° longitude, the 149° Series showcases the finest Sydney Rock Oysters grown on the South Coast of New South Wales. With pristine waterways, the South Coast harbours a long relationship with Sydney Rock Oyster farming.

Encompassing farms from Sydney down to the Victorian border the 149° Series includes estuaries such as the renowned Merimbula, Pambula and Wagonga Inlet. The 149° Series is unique in that its estuaries typically have good seasonality year round.

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