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Our Brands

It takes years to foster a passion, a lifetime to perfect a craft and generations to form a legacy. At East 33 we have combined multigenerational knowledge and expertise to drive forward the legacy of the native Sydney Rock Oyster. Bringing each of the nuanced processes of cultivation in house to create a consistent product time after time, below we introduce each of the brands that now make up the East 33 Limited portfolio.

East 33 logo

East 33

If the tale of the Sydney Rock Oyster is a story, then it is our farmers who are charged with writing it’s chapters. East 33 hand selects the finest Sydney Rock Oysters to be delivered direct from our farms to your venue. We want to transport you on a flavourful journey along the coast of New South Wales and explore the rarity, provenance and flavour of our native produce. East 33 represents quality, a dedication to the authentic and an inspired future, focused on delivering a moment of joy.

Sydney City Oysters logo

Sydney City Oysters

As East 33’s main processing, distribution and supply hub, Sydney City Oysters is focused on delivering quality oysters with value in mind, aiming to provide a wide range of products, options and opportunities to suit each venue and their individual needs. 

Farm Gate Oysters logo

Farm Gate Oysters

Sourced directly from our farms, Farm Gate Oysters is your gateway into our slice of heaven. At Farm Gate Oysters we are dedicated to supporting our local farmers to bring you the freshest produce from paddock to plate.

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